Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wow, I've let this languish for waaay too long. 
I'm in the last month of my "painting a day" year. It's been a great learning experience ... but has come with some unexpected problems, too.  I'll go more into that in the next few posts.  Sorry that I've let this blog lapse ... again.  I've started a new web site: jacklantzart.com.  It's not quite up to date yet, but soon it will be and all of the paintings that I've done throughout the year will be represented.  Also, soon purchases can be made there.

Here are a few of my latest paintings from November.

Saturday, May 10, 2014


 Morning graze.
 At the Legion of Honor Museum.
Watercolour of Half Dome from the Snowcreek Falls trail.


Some of my fellow artists at the YWA Friday Portrait Group.
Last in the Oakhurst Fruit Stand series.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Oakhurst Fruit Stand

The couple who own and run the fruit stand in Oakhurst were nice enough to pose for me for some photos with my phone camera so that I'd have something to paint while I was sitting the Timberline Gallery for the last couple of days.  When they saw them they wanted to barter fruits and veggies for the paintings.  I'm all for that!  Both paintings are 8" x 10".

Silent Scream

Feeling a little frustrated lately ... although that's a strange thing for me because I can never sustain it for very long, no matter how I try.  Okay, that sounds strange, but here's the thing: when I feel frustrated I know that it's because I'm not progressing the way that I think that I should.  Realizing that I'm frustrated pushes me to try harder or to do different things and usually precedes a good growth spike ~ so, I take comfort from that ... and the frustration fades.  What bothers me about that, though, is that maybe I derail my growth by knowing that I'm going to grow and thereby diminishing the frustration that spurs on the growth.  Dizzying logic, I know.  Now I'm frustrated that I'm not frustrated more.  Oy.
This is actually a study for a new version of the Storm on the Sea of Galilee.