Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Year of Jubilee

I was reading a book that described one of the obscure Jewish rituals, which it gets from the Old Testament. Apparently, seven, being a sacred number has a specific meaning, and seven times seven even more so. What the meaning is, I'm not really sure, but I did learn that every 49th year is to be a year of Jubilee. I haven't really researched what a year of Jubilee is, exactly ether, but it does include not working. This immediately appealed to me! Well, that is to say, "not working" in the sense of not going out to a menial job, doing a task that a trained monkey could perform.
This year I just happen to be 7 x 7! That's right, the kid that thinks that he's perpetually 17, turned 49! It should be my year of jubilee. Circumstances prevented me from breaking into the "Jubilee" on my birthday. If I'd known about it a little further in advance, I might have been able to pull it off, but, instead, I hope to be able to break away from my overnight job by the first of the year and begin a year of Jubilee ... in my definition it means that the only work that I do will be artwork, or related to it. I plan to travel and paint, work on a lot of printmaking, and writing about my adventures/misadventures.
This is not an entirely new idea for me, I've been pondering something like this for several years, but I am newly inspired by the writings of Vincent van Gogh -- his letters to his brother, Theo. The man absolutely suffered for his ideas and ideals about art. He lived the life of an artist and scraped by on next to nothing. I've done that, I've been there ... I know how tough it can be. Vincent had the support of his brother, both financially and emotionally. I have the support of my Brenda and my family -- emotionally, anyway. Financially -- I hope to have enough saved up by January to step out into this adventure without worrying too much about how my bills will be paid or how I'm going to eat. If things get a little dicey, I can do the temp job thing, but I'm hoping to sell the occasional piece of artwork through the gallery (Avenue West Gallery, 122 S. Monroe, Spokane, Washington), and take on commissions from time to time for portraits, murals, or graphics work.
In the few months before my actual "Jubilee" starts, I'll publish here my preparations and artistic activities.