Friday, July 31, 2009

Read Through

Yesterday was an extreemly surreal one. I spent the morning at North by Northwest Production's studios with the cast (well, most of them), the director, and the DP (director of photography). The cast was going through the script and I got to sit in. Not only did I get to sit in, but I sat almost in the middle of the semicircl of tables on a stool with my sketch pad in hand.
I love to listen to movies, music, or books on cd when I'm doing artwork ... this was twice as good. I have already read the script, but sitting there sketching the actors while they did the read-through, and John Carpenter read the stage direction, and the part of one of the missing actors ... it was just mind-blowing.
Mr Carpenter also discussed some of the aspects of lighting and one of the scenes with me ... and made some very positive remarks about my work to the cast, who have also been very supportive. It's almost too much for me. What a great experience.
It's been a ton of work these last few days. I've done probably close to fifty sketches and renderings ... had little sleep, and skipped my normal job to try and keep up. By the end of today I will be about 80% done with all of the work that I have to do for this production ... what a fun and exciting experience it's been. I wish that I could share more of the visual stuff with you, but, well, I'm sure that you'll understand.
John Carpenter announced yesterday that his assistant will be doing some behind the scenes footage and he will be posting certain aspects of the movie on his site. I don't know the address yet, but I'm sure that you can google that. If he reveals things on there that I've been holding back on, I'll post some of the pictures and sketches that I have.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yesterday was spent in makeup trailors and in the studio watching the actors go through lighting, makeup, and wardrobe tests. The whole gang at North by Northwest studios were really nice people, including John Carpenter, who seemed so natural with people. He had some very kind words for me too.

I was rather nervous at first, but I was put at ease by the staff and actors, who seemed to really appreciate my work. It was a long day of waiting for people changing makeup, etc, and then trying to sketch them while they were constantly in motion. Now I have to do some finalized things with them overnight plus whatever I do later today ... due at the end of the day so that the drawings can be transferred to a paper which is much kinder to the photography process ... then they will be bound into a notebook over the weekend, for the first day of shooting on Monday. Nothing like a little bit of pressure.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Project

Recently I've been contracted for something very exciting. John Carpenter is shooting a movie in the Spokane area (including Medical Lake's Eastern State Mental Hospital) and he chose my artwork, from several "audition" entries, to represent the sketches of one of the characters in the film.

I've read the script and it's an entertaining story with a nice twist to it. I don't want to say much more about it other than the title is "The Ward". You may be able to google that and find out more about it -- I'm not at liberty to spill anything, though.

I'd love to share some of the artwork that I've done for it so far, but I'm not sure that they would like that, so, instead, I'll include a drawing that I did of the prop manager ... done in the style that I may use for much of the artist's work.

I'll give a better post once we're a little further into production.