Monday, May 30, 2011

Friday at the Old Schoolhouse.

Last Fritag we had Kori model for us again. She dressed in a 40s-ish dress a month or so ago. Friday she dressed in a kimono. She did a standing pose -- not the easiest thing in the world to do. It was a good opportunity to do some figurative work ... although it was tempting to just do a portrait because the lighting was nice and she has such a striking face.

I was glad that I had brought a canvas board ... but wished it was a little bigger (it was 11" x 14"). The thing is, though, it's tough to get a bigger canvas covered in such a short amount of time. I have worked on some of them a little from photos when I got home ~ but I'm not a big fan of doing that.
Anyway, it turned out okay. One of my fellow painters suggested that the shadow on the wall looked like a pair of wings. "Maybe you can turn her into an angel", she said. Hmmm. Well, she's a bit dark to be an angel, I think -- and I wouldn't really want to call her a dark angel, because she's a sweet girl. But I do like the thought that she has wings. Perhaps I'll title it "Winged Woman" or some such thing.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Latest model

Another fun painting day at the Gertrude Schoolhouse with the YWA on Friday.

The lady that posed for us, Alisa (?) is the mother of the girl who posed a few weeks ago as a Heinamachafrau ... okay, I'm horrible with names. She was another good model.

I should have picked up a canvas, though,; I worked on a prepared piece of cardboard (actually, the cover of an old charcoal pad). Even though I put several coats of gesso on it, the absorbency kinda worked against me ... even working with no solvents.

Ah, well, maybe I'll pick at it again, later.

Lilacs again

There's a nice lilac bush in the back yard at the studio and I clipped off a few ... put it in an arrangement with some new crockery that I got at a thrift store ... and did a little 9" x 12" painting. Fun. It was painted under artificial light, though. I need to do some rearranging at the studio so that I can paint still lifes in the preferred natural north light.

Repairing the Old Guitar

Eldon Bartholomew, and his wife, Kathie own the little studio that Belinda and I rent just outside of Mariposa. They are always doing nice things for me like bringing me flowers to paint (or just to enjoy), watering my garden when I'm in the park for several days, watching Meecah from time to time, or - like this morning - Eldon rototilled a little spot in the back yard for me to plant my sunflowers and tomatoes. So, I did this little (8" x 10") oil painting of Eldon working on his guitar as a way to say thanks. It was a fun little project, and I made the frame for it from the old fence that they took down at the cabin in Yosemite.

Last year I had hand dug a small spot and wished that I'd been a little more industrious with it. This year I'm hoping for some nice sunflowers to paint, tomatoes -- maybe some cucumbers, eggplants .... who knows what all I will attempt to grow. Of course, eating them will be nice ~ but, really, the most important thing for me in most things, is their asthetic quality.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diana the Huntress

The model at the YWA last Friday dressed in a Renaissance outfit and had a quiver of arrows and a bow.It was a good session and I had a blast working along side of all of the great people that show up to paint every week.