Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Painting Half Dome

Yesterday I accompanied Tara and Jeremy up the approach to their climb on Washington Column. It was a nice hike and I even challenged myself to go up the fixed rope at the base of the wall. Oy! Heights! After they had ascended out of sight, I turned and went around the base of the column, heading north. There was a faint climber's approach trail there and I followed it up and around until I was on a precipice high above Tanya valley on a trail that was no wider than my foot.

For the experienced climber, this would probably seem like a well-paved freeway ... but to me ... nyet! I may not do nearly as much daring climbing as experienced climbers, but, in my way I may just get more of an adventure out of it because of my sheer terror of ledges. When I could smell the fear in myself, I pushed myself a little farther ... until I realized, once again, that I was spending a great deal of time at it -- and no time painting. I was loosing the shadows on Tis-Se-Yak (the native American word for Half Dome) as it was.

So, with this great excuse not to risk my neck any more, I turned 'round and went back to a shady spot on the talus of Washington Column and sat down to paint. Just as I was finishing the small study, the shadows on the face of Half Dome vanished.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Wow, it's near the end of June already!
The first week of June I headed up to Spokane to pull all of my stuff out of storage. It was a lot of driving and it was good to see all of the people up there that I haven't seen for a long time. Sadly, Del and Marge were down in California while I was up there. I thought that I might be able to hook up with them in the Sacramento area on my way back ... but, that place is crazy with traffic and I went through at a real bad time, too.
Since I've been back ... I moved out of my old studio into a much bigger one and have spent a lot of time up there (where I don't have Internet) trying to get it into order. For the first time in a long, long time I have most of my stuff all in one place (with the notable exception of my motorcycle -- just couldn't swing that). That's so cool on the one hand ... and, yet ... now I have to figure out what the heck to do with it all.
I've been to the old schoolhouse for the Friday painting session a few times since returning ... but have no pictures of my final works to show ... but here's a look of one in the process ... with a look at the inside of the Gertrude and some of my fellow artists.
The new studio is quite a project. [I'll post pictures when I've got it in better shape.] I'm going to make it accessible to the public and have entered the annual Art Tour - called the Sierra Art Trails - which takes place at the end of September - early October, where the local studios are open for the weekend and the public tours the area perusing all of the wonderful art and visiting the artists in their natural habitats. Even though it seems like a long time off, summer is one of those slippery seasons that passes more quickly with each year. Hope I'm ready by then!