Friday, October 28, 2011

Father Christmas

Today our model at the Friday Portrait Group was Father Christmas. I had stretched and tinted a sheet of 18" x 24" Reeves BFK printmaking paper yesterday. I tinted it with some burnt sienna-ish acrylic paint - and then, today, before I started, I also gave the tinted paper a coat of charcoal. This way I could work both lighter and darker.

Sometimes things just seem to go smoothly, and today was one of those times.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is one of the Friday Painting session models. In early November we are going to have a show/sale of the paintings that we've done at our Friday morning sessions. Come on out ~ bring your check book.

Here's one of my "Green" paintings ... done on a Tony's Pizza box ... or some such thing ~ my way of recycling. Strangely enough, this work actually sold durring my open studio weekend.

My little sunflower garden in the middle of the summer. Some of these things got up to 10 or 12 feet high. I also had a bunch of red ones. Wish I'd done a few more paintings of them.

This was a quick oil sketch of Belinda as she was knitting. It's a tiny piece and was a blast to do. It was so dark in the room, though, that I wasn't sure that the colours were even close. As it turns out, they weren't, really, but it still worked for what it was.

Lately ~ meaning all of the time since the last post on this blog ~ I've been doing a lot of painting, entered lots of art shows, had an open studio (Sierra Art Trails), and have had a lot of success with making prints. And I haven't been able to update any of this on the blog because of computer issues.

Here are some random images: