Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday Sale

Happy Thanksgiving!The Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst, CA is having a 50% off sale tomorrow - Black Friday. Come on out, bring your check book!These are a couple of the paintings that I'll have in our "parking lot sale" - both 8" x 10" oil on canvas.

YWA Portrait Show

A few weeks ago the YWA had its annual portrait show and sale. We set up displays and had a very nice show of all of our work done from the models that we've had every Friday for the last year. We had a fairly good turn out and some good food. Sales were light, to say the least, but it was really a good time seeing all of the work and interacting with my fellow artists, the models, family of both, and all of the other patrons that came through the old schoolhouse. It was a great time. This shot was taken before we had the whole thing up (dang, I forgot to take one later), but this was at the entry -- one of my charcoals on the left, someone's watercolour in the middle, and a photo of me on the right by another one of our members - I posed in my fencing gear one Friday.

I didn't make any sales, but I did one of my little w.i.m. s (woodcut, intaglio, monotypes) when things got slow. I went out beside the schoolhouse and did a sketch of the old pumphouse. Then I sat and resketched it on a small pannel, and then scratched the image in with my stylist. When I got back to the studio, I made several prints of it ... and I've sold a few of them since.

Most of the paintings that I do at the Gertrude schoolhouse are on recycled materiel such as ceriel boxes, etc.
These were actually done on canvas (top) and canvas boards.

More canvas boards.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gallery and show

Recently I have joined another gallery ... the Sierra Artists Gallery in Mariposa, CA ... so, now, if you're in the area ... there are two choices of galleries where my work can be seen. Well, for the time being, you actually have four choices. Besides the aforementioned Sierra gallery, you can see my work at the Timberline Gallery in Oakhurst, where I've been a member for about six months. I also have a painting ... "Akt mit Cello" (Nude with Cello) at the "Nudes in November" show at Sorensen's gallery in Fresno (which took a 1st in the oil painting category), and a painting at the Stellar gallery in Oakhurst, where I have a painting of Pulpit Rock at Zion National Park in the "Our Wild Lands" show - which won an honorable mention. Both of these shows come to an end in the next week.

A portrait of Brenda Gish with a violin was also in a recent show (at the Sierra Artists Gallery - before I joined) and won a best of show award - and I had another violin painting in a show last summer (the Tri-County Show, put on by the Yosemite Western Artists association) that won a 1st place. Woo hoo. Getting my name out there ... hoping that it helps my sales (cause it's not really all that fun entering these things).

Last year I entered the Yosemite Renaissance art show -- and didn't make the cut. When I went to see the show ... well, to be honest, I was disappointed (to be very nice about it).

I recently just sent off my entry for this year's contest. The piece that I entered is a bit unusual in subject matter and medium; it's a large charcoal (22" x 30") of Buffalo Soldiers (as the black soldiers were referred to back then) in Yosemite. I won't know about its acceptance until near the end of December ... and won't find out if I got any kind of prize until February! I don't expect much -- I'll just be happy if it gets accepted (if it's not accepted into the show, ya think I should I pull the race card? har - har).

Thursday, November 17, 2011


In August or September I did a printmaking demo. Until then I hadn't really done much with my press since I moved here. That demo kick-started me back into printmaking mode. I've made quite a few of my woodcut/intaglio/monotypes since then and have sold quite a few. I've sold enough prints now that the press has finally paid for itself -- in fact, it's more than done so, since the demo was a paying gig!