Saturday, January 21, 2012


I am working on the Penultimate Supper, as previously discussed. Here is one of the paintings that I've done as a study for Martha as she's serving wine. The painting goes slowly ... but it does progress.

New Stuff

Here's a look at some of my recent work.

Still life on the stove ... featuring a bottle that I bought at a thrift store ... "Mrs Stewart's Liquid Bluing". I thought that it was interesting. And it was fun to paint. Sorry that the picture is crooked.
Here's a look at it on my little aluminum easel as I was working on it.
A tiny, but fun painting.
One of our Friday models.
Ode to Bodie. We went over the pass a couple of weeks ago before it closed and went to the old ghost town of Bodie. If you've never heard of it, use your search engine and check it out: Bodie State Park, CA. It was a gold mining town in the mid to late 1800's and was finally deserted in the early 1940's. Many buildings remain just as they were ... some with furniture and discarded items still strewn about. It was so much fun peeking in the windows at all of the old stuff. One place had a bunch of old bottles lining the windows. I don't know if they were left like that or the State Park Rangers put them like that, but it was a good display. One day I'll have to return with my easel. Maybe I'll spend a week there trying to capture the feeling of the place.