Saturday, April 21, 2012

At the Gertrude

Again I brought out the charcoals and did a sketch of the younger sister of Heidi, who posed for us a few weeks ago. For a young lady in her first posing session, Tabitha did quite well. We look forward to drawing and painting her for years to come - hopefully - along with all of her siblings.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

On the Press

Yesterday the Friday group was canceled due to snow. Last week I brought my press into the session and made prints from life, so to speak. Our model was a beautiful young lady, Heidi Bugg, who did a wonderful job of posing.

I did three monotype prints first, working on a small (5" x 8") board ~ painting in oil, then running it through the press. A ghost of the image was left on the board after each printing, and I developed it each time. Finally, after three prints, I developed the board into a final painting (notice, in the painting above, the texture on her shirt left from the printing process).

I also did one of my w.i.m. (woodcut/intaglio/monotype) prints. I drew the model on the board and then worked into the drawing with an etching needle to establish the darkest passages. Then I inked the entire board and, again, working directly from the model, wiped away the ink, leaving a middle tone ~ then used a cloth, my fingers, and q-tips to wipe away the ink in varying values.

The plate still needs work. The neck is too thick, etc, but that's easily fixed (it wouldn't have been if I'd made it too thin). I'll do a few more prints from this plate using the photos that I took during the session.

One of the other artists present took advantage of the press and did a nice little etching using plexi glass (wish I had a picture of it to show you). I hope that more people take advantage the next time that I bring the press in.

Next week Heidi's younger sister will be posing for us. She and her family were there last week while Heidi was posing and they all look like they would be amazing models.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Andrew the Ant Farmer

About 15 years ago my sister, Susan, and I put together a book called "Onkel the Ant Farmer". We had a hard time finding a publisher, and it's been sitting since ... even though I made illustrations for another 2 or 3 adventures with the little ant. Soon after we created this story, there were several movies featuring ants and bugs ... I thought that we were on the right track.
Recently I hooked up with an e-publisher who put our little creation into a nice package that will soon be available at the i-books store! Onkel's name was changed, though, to Andrew. He seems to like it okay.
There is an option with this e-book for a narrator to read it aloud - and the words are highlighted as it's being read.
Get out your credit cards and download it while it's hot.