Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Painting in the Artist's Cabin

It's been in the three digits lately.  It's hot ... no matter what the humidity.  So, I spent the last couple of days doing quick out-door sketches in the mornings and went into the Artist's Cabin when the sun began to flog me with his rays.

From a charcoal sketch, I'm working on the third "thumbnail" of what will be a much larger piece entitled "Noon Stage to Wawona".  I'm also using an oil sketch that I made up on the old stagecoach road ... so that Yosemite Valley is seen in the background.  The first one that I did had too much landscape and not enough stagecoach ... at least for what I wanted to say.  Anyone can get a good look at Yosemite Valley as it was a hundred years ago ... but not with a stagecoach coming out of it.

I think that this is the composition that I'm going with - though, I may push the stagecoach back just a little to give it more room to "move".  How large will I paint it?  Not sure, yet.  I'm thinking about two and a half feet by five.  Somewhere in there.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Small Green Paintings

While up in Wawona, I've done about a dozen paintings, I guess.  Some are almost ready to post here ... but most of 'em I'm still playing with.  Here are two of the "green" ones (paintings done on recycled materiel).  The first is the chicken coop.  They had chickens in there when they used to have people who reenacted the period in costume and all of that.  Sadly, the budget cuts put an end to the reenactors ... but not before the foxes put an end to the chickens.

There are a lot of things left behind by the citizens who once peopled this area.  I find the state of decay and decline a poetic inspiration.  For some reason it makes one nostalgic, and one can't help but to remember ... or, at least conjure a memory, of these denizens of a by-gone day ... to wonder what it was like and to imagine ones self in their stead.  

All that being said ... I'm still glad that I never had to change one of these!