Wednesday, November 28, 2012


 Jade Cove

Last week we took the dogs and headed over to the coast for a camping trip.  We set up camp at the Kirk Creek Campground, right on the cliffs overlooking the big blue ocean.

 Kirk Creek Flows into the Ocean

We drove up and down the coast each day and did many hikes, exploring, and had a real nice time.

Near Sand Dollar Beach

I was able to take a little bit of time each day to do a small oil sketch.   Each of them are 8"x 10" and done in about an hour or so (except for the Jade Cove piece - I only spent about 30 minutes on that one ~ I didn't like the way that it was going).

Painting near Sand Dollar Beach, using my pochade box.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Here are a few things that I've been working on.
 The first is yet another stagecoach painting!  How many does that make?  I'm not sure ... they were all fun, but I'm kinda over Wawona for right now.  This one was done as a commission for one of the rangers.  It's actually one of my favorites.  I like the composition much more than many of them ... and the way that I got the coach to pop. 
 This one is ... well, it's a bad photo of a "quick-sketch" painting.  It's only 8" square.  We got some plums from the landlord a few weeks ago ... quite delicious, too ... and I thought that they would be great still life materiel.  Well, I should have acted much more quickly.  When I saw a puddle of goo forming under them and saw that they were beginning to become prunes, I knew I had to act quickly.  It was a royal mess to set up ... especially since I brought the gooey basket with me to the gallery to have a project on which to work while I sat.  Fun.
Finally, this "green" painting of Eldon on his tractor was done as another "quick sketch" done in my little pochade box (oil on recycled materiel - probably a pizza or cereal box) while sitting at the other gallery -- from photos.
I'm in the habit of doing a sketch or two every day and I thought that I should also be doing some small oil sketches each day as well.  This one started out very free and loose and thick and fun!  It looks like I've worked in a lot of detail, but, really, very little of it is more than bold strokes.  I've been seeing a slight change in the way that I go about painting lately, and I'm liking it ... trying to push myself to express myself better.  Hopefully I'll figure all of this stuff out in the next 200 years or so.