Monday, February 17, 2014


 A memory sketch of the sun trying to throw its last fading colours through the violet-grey skies as I did my run in Fresno.
 From a photo that I took at a Civil War reenactment a few years ago.  Fun sketch ~ I used a new tool that I bought which is shaped like a paint brush but is made of rubber ... like a spatula.  Cross between a brush and a pallet knife.  It will take some practice to figure it out.  I never was great with a pallet knife.
Belinda made me a bouquet of Daffodils, so I couldn't let them just languish on the shelf ... worked with my new tool again ... still need lots of practice.

More daily paintings

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Afghan

Tonight Belinda was workin' on an Afghan, so, I brought my easel in where she was working and "watched" a movie with her and painted her while she worked.  A fun little sketch ~ 6" x 8".  While the light on her was okay, I was kinda stuck in a dark corner and wasn't 100% sure about any of the colours that I was using.  If nothing else, it was nice to spend an hour or so with her.

First week of February's Daily oil sketches.

2014 Week 5

 These last three were also done in January (along with several portraits done at the Friday YWA Portrait Group ~ not shown here ... yet), but are not part of my "daily oil sketch" production.

2014 week 4

2014 week 3

2014 week 2

A Painting a day in 2014

Okay, I've been really bad about posting here.  Most of my posts have been on Facebook ~ Jack Lantz Art. You could go there to see all of my daily paintings for 2014, but I'll try to catch them up here over the next few days ... then I'll keep up with this so that you can keep up with me. Here's a look at the first week of January.