Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Silent Scream

Feeling a little frustrated lately ... although that's a strange thing for me because I can never sustain it for very long, no matter how I try.  Okay, that sounds strange, but here's the thing: when I feel frustrated I know that it's because I'm not progressing the way that I think that I should.  Realizing that I'm frustrated pushes me to try harder or to do different things and usually precedes a good growth spike ~ so, I take comfort from that ... and the frustration fades.  What bothers me about that, though, is that maybe I derail my growth by knowing that I'm going to grow and thereby diminishing the frustration that spurs on the growth.  Dizzying logic, I know.  Now I'm frustrated that I'm not frustrated more.  Oy.
This is actually a study for a new version of the Storm on the Sea of Galilee.

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